Our experienced team of IT and network engineers manage hardware changes and installations both port-side and on vessels, backed by 24/7 Support. We work with our clients to procure, install and maintain IT systems and services; delivering cost savings to clients every time.
Vessel Based Services
• Installations and configuration of Server, PCs, Win Update, Antivirus,
all printers on Server Backup, MS operating system, antivirus
• Security access levels
• Configuration of remote connections from the office
• Cabling
•Software support of any attached peripherals i.e. modems

Network Support
• Supporting the configuation of your network routers/ switches/
fiewall, etc.
• Fault diagnosis of all network hardware, including cabling and network cards of servers and workstations

We offer world-leading IP-based communication products such as routers, switches, modems and converters made to endure not only industrial settings, but even the harshest environments.
• Automation Technology products
• HMI operator communication
• Maritime panels
• Data communication products
• Remote I/O systems » Network adapter modules