What we offer:

  • Fast delivery and availability 24/7
  • Various material choices according to end-use applications
  • High quality at cost-effective price
  • Flexible service
  • Service and spare part stocking agreements
  • Specialist support services and installation
  • Technical know-how and comprehensive product range

JSC “BME Services” is based in Klaipėda, Lithuania, though most of the works are carried out overseas. The company has vast experience in shipbuilding, repair, all sorts of welding works, project management – everything you need if you wish to repair your vessel, order some parts’ repairs or need to find a reliable part supplier.

Our professional team has been in the marine industry for over 14 years and has experience in various marine works. We understand that speed and quality of work are the first and most important priorities in ship repair – the combination of technical know-how and the highest possible service, coupled with comprehensive product ranges allows us achieve this goal.

For your convenience our service is available 24/7 to complete your vessel’s repairs as quickly as possible or to supply you with parts ASAP . JSC “BME Services” employs only the most qualified and dedicated staff – that’s why we have the drive and the strength to become the best in what we do. We have the know-how, we work fast and cost-effectively, manufacture and supply parts globally to provide our clients full service.

We offer integrated logistics services to all of our clients. Spare parts will be delivered onboard your vessel, to your agent or any other consignee at a very competitive price. All parts are packed according to EU laws and regulations for shipping to 3rd countries. Our parts were shipped to: Norway, Belgium, The Netherlands, Poland, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago, The Republic of Congo, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia.